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Exceptional Salvage Management Service on a National Level

At Infinity Appraisal, we are the experts at salvage and recovery services. Doesn’t matter how much damage your car has suffered, we manage it all. We do it according to the needs of the customer. We have been providing salvage management service to Alabama, AL, Florida, FL, and Carolina for a long time. We have also added Tennessee, TN as well as Georgia, GA to our list. Due to our vast experience, and the wide variety of services that we offer, we create a salvage package that is exactly according to the customer’s needs.

Benefits of Our Salvage Management Service

There are a lot of benefits that you receive once you decide to partner with us for all your salvage needs. We provide you with the best and highly competitive rates based on the vehicle. Not only that, we offer highly competitive payment plans to all our customers. We are best known for our highly efficient and consistent service. That is why companies choose to remain with us and turn our one time project into a long term relationship.

We also take care of the collection so that the insurance company doesn't have to deal with it. While the claim is being processed, we store the vehicle in a safe and secure storage space so that it stays intact. Owners can take ownership of their vehicles at any time. That is because we have an excellent working relationship with holding garages across the United States.

We Serve You Everywhere

We provide salvage management service to clients big and small. We are known to deliver nothing but the very best consistently. We are currently serving customers in the following areas:

  • Alabama, AL
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Florida, FL
  • Georgia, GA
  • Tennessee, TN: