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Why is Catastrophe Response Service Important?

Immediate Response to tragic events helps to reduce anxiety levels and severity with your clients.

Members of our Catastrophe Response Service Team are specially trained and equipped claims representatives who work in areas hit by severe weather like Alabama, AL, or South Carolina, SC. Our team — an extension of Infinity Appraisal Group Inc. responds to weather-related emergencies, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, and floods that affect large numbers of property owners. This can especially be the case with areas like Florida, FL, or maybe Georgia, GA. Our team works with local or state officials to determine the extent of damage and the number of owners affected, then implements a plan to help customers get back on the road as quickly as possible. We do this whether you are in Tennessee, TN, North Carolina, NC, or any of the areas mentioned above.

Our national field network is professionally respected nationwide for its technical mechanical diagnosis, physical damage assessment, and investigative abilities. Our solid industry reputation exceeds client’s expectations in the following areas


Customized Reports to ensure important facts and technical findings are included in your claim files.

Our technical management group is comprised of four senior advisors who review files for quality assurance. Their job is to ensure every aspect of the client's request is reviewed thoroughly and accurately to avoid errors. Our teams are highly trained to ask the right questions from the start. Again quality and accuracy are our number one priority with every client.

Fraudulent Claim Review

Another great reason to hire our firm is our extensive background in the insurance claims business helps to rule out fraudulent claims early. Our special investigation team re-inspects damages to determine probable indicators of fraud activities. All findings are accurately written in the respective reports and delivered to the client.

On-Time Guarantee:

Infinity Appraisal Group - promotes a highly competitive work environment for our workers. We understand the urgency and need for efficient cycle time. All claims are handled within the 48hr expected delivery time from time of receipt.

We Operate In:

  • Alabama, AL
  • North Carolina, NC
  • South Carolina, SC
  • Florida, FL
  • Georgia, GA
  • Tennessee, TN