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Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals is engaged in assuring that our clients get proper and appropriate claim settlements

Executive Staff

Our senior management staff at Infinity Appraisal Group Inc. is comprised of a group of individuals with a range of fields. Their acquired expertise in insurance and casualty disciplines makes them uniquely qualified in maintaining the company’s success.

We Value Our Clients

Certified experts to assist your automobile appraisal demands! We give diminished value appraisals, casualty claim services, used car inspection services, pre-purchase car inspections, and several major vehicle appraisal services.




Our experts are strategically established throughout the United States, empowering us to have a national presence. In addition to the abilities listed above, our specialists are uniquely competent in supporting our clients with the professional assistance in the field considering they possess the subsequent additional qualifications:

  • Field Specialist / Diagnostic Training
  • Structural Damage Location Techniques
  • I-Car Certification
  • Training in Professional Conduct

Our computerized geographical information system provides access to the Field Specialized Network with an interactive data base that locates the inspection site automatically, showcases their local specialists, shows their qualifications, determines the travel distance, and afterward contacts the specialist to transmit your assignment details.

Our History

2005 - During the year 2005 while working HURRICANE KATRINA in New Orleans our founder’s lives changed forever. Our founding owners realized their passion for vehicles and the insurance claims business. This storm event lasted several months well into June of 2006. Both owners worked side by side with CAT adjusters to restore the lives of storm victims. This now historical event launched the start of what you see today Infinity Appraisal Group Inc.

2007 -Infinity Appraisal Group Inc. was founded and launched operations worldwide for casualty claim services and Immediate Response Catastrophe Services.

2009 -The founding owners realized there was a lot of industry knowledge to gain by working directly for the insurance companies.

2013 - Industry demand moved the owners to launch an aggressive strategy to secure additional market share. The company now based in Duluth Georgia continues to hold and manage the original platform and service both the private sector and Insurance professionals.