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With the help of our superior customer assistance, a live certified appraiser will assist you every time so you can get immediate feedback.

We Promise:



Quality Claim Service remains our main focal point for all of our clients.



We continue to hire, train and promote career professionals. Our clients can definitely relax and trust their claims are handled by the brightest in the industry.



In this rapid changing world your teams must demonstrate diversity. Our bilingual teams of professionals are always available to our clients.

Who We Are

Our Mission


We're an auto appraisal company that offers a national chain of certified experts to assist your automobile appraisal demands! We give diminished car value appraisals, casualty claim services, diminished value insurance claims, used car inspection services, insurance appraisal services pre-purchase car inspections, and several major vehicle appraisal services like insurance claim diminished value. The aim of Infinity Appraisal Group Inc. is to ensure that your car evaluator is qualified and educated.

We want to ensure that diminished value insurance claims are adequately recorded and that total damages are reported on a vehicle where appropriate. Self-loss is hard for people and we're here to assist. In order to guarantee that your car valuation and appliances evaluation supports you when you really need it the most, our auto appraisal company technicians come to you and talk to you on your terms and conditions. Our focus is on the proper documentation of diminished value appraisal claims.

We are here to facilitate.

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Our team of professionals are committed to making sure our clients receive accurate and fair claim settlements according to the diminished value statute

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We S.T.R.I.V.E to assist you



Service- To understand, determine and deliver what our clients require with a high standard of workmanship.


Trust- We believe that respect and trust are essential for Teamwork.


Relationships- We believe in autonomous relationships and fairness in our business model.


Integrity- We are committed to high standards of integrity.


Value- We value every member of our team and encourage career development


Exceptional- We strive to be exceptional with all of our service commitments.


  • Study, assess and investigate
  • Checks and decides if the recorded loss is covered by insurance policy. Investigation for the assessment of the claim is not fraudulent
  • Records of insured and/or repair facilities
  • Evaluate the sum to compensate for the damage by the insurance agency
  • Discuss agreements
  • Payments for claim issues

You will save several dollars by getting a professional report from a professional. You won't sell for less or pay much more by the calculation. You will figure out the cost of your current automobile and discover the true valuation of a used vehicle that you want to purchase. It is also beneficial in a small claims court diminished value can be ascertained.

If you know how valuable your car is at the moment or how much it has suffered due to a non-fault crash, it will decide whether your insurance policy needs to be increased or a diminished value insurance claim filed. If your automobile is totaled, it is also very essential to obtain qualified diminished value appraisal services. This will educate you about the reliability of the car. The diminished value appraisal service would also help you to find out that the diminished value insurance claim process works and what else you can anticipate while you are in an insurance dispute by hiring a professional auto appraiser. We provide the most reliable diminished value appraisal service you can get.

Every one of our analysts are trained and approved at handling insurance umpire services in the diminished value small claims court and more. All our technicians are accredited if you need a pre-purchase inspection on a car. Most of them have expertise in body and mechanical repair. Our covered areas for insurance umpire service include

  • Alabama, AL
  • Carolina
  • Florida, FL
  • Georgia, GA
  • Tennessee, TN

Infinity Appraisal Group Inc. is dedicated to delivering timely response and delivery times to our clients. We know the diminished value statute and the diminished value small claims court. We have agents for customer support who can assist you on call or reply to your emails. Whether you want diminished value claim appraisal or you want diminished value insurance claim, we have got your back.

Our company that provides diminished value claim appraisal, is pleased to meet all your auto evaluation specifications. Don't hesitate to call or message us to schedule your evaluation(s).

If you've been involved in a total loss claim and would prefer us to analyze your situation and information, don't hesitate to give us a call at (888)313-8433